Snowman Pictures From Around The World

Snowman Pictures From Around The World

Turning ordinary snowflakes into creative monuments.

A common plight we often hear from people living in countries around the equator is the lack of snowfall when the month turns December, and the earth tilts away from the sun. Indeed, the closest thing we brown-skinned, sun-dried, equatorians get that remotely resembles snow is the drop in temperature and the heavy rains that come around this time of year. An especially disappointing fact of life without snow is the inability to make snowmen. Although we still exercise our creativity by building snowmen made out of plastic and hanging them on door frames and store windows, it doesn’t quite compare to the real thing. So here’s a montage of snowmen pictures from around the world, a testament to man’s creativity, and as an ode to those who may never get to experience the real thing. Hopefully, I may be able to see and make one of these marvels for myself someday.

A traditional generic snowman in the west (photograph in public domain)

A beautiful snow woman in Germany (photograph by Marvin fortytwo)

A “Killroy was here” snowman (photograph by Florian Kilzer)

A Persian Snowman (photograph by همان)

Snowman photographs his buddy showing off on a tree with a coke in hand (photograph by Moxfyre)

Snowman admiring the view in Minneapolis, Minnesota (photograph by bradleypjohnson)

Snowman rally against global warming in Helsinki, Finland (photograph by H. Pellikka)

Snowman ground controller marshals this aircraft in Trondheim, Norway (photograph in public domain)

Snowmen in Sapporro, Japan snow festival (photograph by N. Henriksen)

The motherload: Guinness record holder “Olympia” the snow woman at 122 feet, 1 inch high (photograph by Chris Darling)

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